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Gem’s Netflix Picks For Halloween: 12 Movies Guaranteed to Milm Your Keks

Let’s face it, if you’re a film fan every year you cry “Let’s have a horror movie marathon on Halloween!” with the best of intentions. And then it never happens, because better things come your way. Such as an invite to a fancy dress party wherein everyone else has somehow managed to look effortlessly cool AND scary, while you just look like a lonely, used tampon in an outfit you thought would definitely land you a snog.

Whatever circumstance foils your horrorthon, don’t give up hope! There’s still time to assemble a cracking roster of movies for the few folks who have decided to skip out on a party and venture over to your gaff for the night. Read on for my selection of Netflix instant streaming titles that I reckon ought to definitely milm (soil) your keks (trousers/pants.)

orange is the new black season 2

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Premiere: 3 Incredibly Astute Observations

It’s only fair that the rantings which occur in my household between my wife and I should be shared – especially when we’re bantering away about Orange Is The New Black. She might not see it that way, but she’s at work now.

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5 Heartbreaking Moments In Movies That Make Me Bawl

Proclaiming to have the definitive list of the saddest films and the most tear-inducing moments within them is trickier than attempting to get toothpaste back into the tube. Some I agree with, some have me utterly baffled. Here’s my top 5 that you probably won’t agree with.

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On Location: Visiting The Monster Hangouts Of Aileen Wuornos In Daytona Beach

Another sojourn into the location scouting of a film nerd. This time, a look at my trip to The Last Resort Bar in Daytona Beach, Florida where convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos had her last beer – and inspired the film Monster.

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The Best Films On Freeview August 5th – August 11th

Here are my recommendations for the best films on Freeview August 5th through to August 11th.

tremors kevin bacon

The Best Films On Freeview July 29th – August 4th

Here are my recommendations for the best films on Freeview July 29th through to August 4th.

aliens james cameron queen alien

The Best Films On Freeview July 8th – July 14th

Here are my recommendations for the best films on Freeview July 8th through to July 14th.

the internship vince vaughn owen wilson

After The Internship: Which Brands Should Have Their Own Film?

Where will Hollywood turn next for brand inspiration?

black rock lake bell kate bosworth katie aselton

Why We Need More Films Like Black Rock

Sick of the usual bunkum in your film choices? Here are my thoughts on what makes Black Rock so unique and why we need more films just like it.

spiderman tobey maguire

Weird Memorabilia: Spiderman’s Knob

I’m taking a look at unusual items film fans pay a ton of cash for. Today: a doorknob from 2002’s Spiderman.