It’s not easy picking one decade of horror that could do with a makeover. There’s duds across the history of cinema, but the 1990s were a special time for the genre, a turning point of sorts, when slashers, monster flicks, and whatever the fuck Sleepwalkers is, had become, well, not scary. While Scream came along midway through the decade to kick it back to life, it still took time for cinema to catch up. What we were left with were a bunch of truly effective horrors and those that missed the mark. The latter, of which there are hundreds, shouldn’t be discounted. No, they should be remade.

I know. Remakes are evil proof of the film industry’s dwindling creativity. But there’s plenty of terrific horror flicks that are themselves remakes: The Thing, Let Me In, The Crazies, The Fly, Dawn of the Dead and Psycho – ha, just kidding – are just some examples. Here’s a batch from the 1990s that could also benefit from a fresh take.