Need a freelance alternative health and wellness writer?

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Hi, I’m Gem.

I’m a freelance writer with an information science background, ready to write articles for your business blog to help generate new leads.

Why should you work with me?

Three reasons.

1. I have 9 years of professional experience working as a freelance writer.

I divide my writing between alternative health and wellness copywriting and entertainment journalism, delivering optimized content that snags the top spot on Google:
This article for TechRadar ranks number one for the target keyword.

2. I’ve written about many topics in the alternative health and wellness industry.

I have worked as a copywriter, blogger, newsletter creator, video creator, and recipe developer.

This article for a local wellness clinic brought breaking medical news to its blog.

3. I’ve lived for ten years with chronic illness.

My own personal history has enabled me to write from a place of understanding and compassion. I support the use of supplements and a healthy lifestyle, through a blend of clean eating, meditation, and physical exercise.

This essay for Inverse mixed personal narrative with science on the omnivore lifestyle.

Ready to start working with me?