Need a freelance entertainment writer?

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Hi, I’m Gem.

Need a freelance entertainment writer or entertainment blogger? I’m your gal!

I’m a freelance writer with an information management background. I’m an impassioned movie nerd. I’m a bona fide TV geek.

I write for sites like TechRadar, Vulture, Digital Spy, and GamesRadar+.  I cover topics ranging from must-see latest releases to anniversary titles, from must-watch classic film lists to what’s new on streaming platforms. 

Want to know if I’m the writer for you?

Here’s three reasons why you should work with me:

1. I have ten years of professional experience as freelance writer.

  • I write copy, I write articles, I write fiction, I write headlines, I write pitches, I write product descriptions.  
  • I’ve worked with dozens of editors and writers.
  • I’ve navigated content management systems, style guides, and work suites galore. Freelance writing doesn’t exist in a bubble and my experience on all aspects that surround writing, I consider to be as valuable as my bylines.
What this means for you:  An easy-going working relationship with a professional writer.

2. I write articles people love to read.

  • I write thousands of words a week about entertainment.
  • I know what makes for interesting, readable posts because I’m also a massive movie nerd.
  • I’ve spent a decade honing my craft and learning how to write informative explainers, opinionated essays, funny listicles, and more.
  • I crank out video scripts for content that generates 600,000 views on YouTube and articles that get major eyeballs:
freelance entertainment writer
This video scored 600k views on YouTube.

These 10 articles generated almost 900k views.

What this means for you:  I create content your audience will love that’s proven to generate great page views.

3. I get articles on the first page of Google.

  • I’ve written millions of words about movies and TV.
  • I know how to land articles in the Google top spot for their keywords.
  • Keyword stuffing is no longer the way to go, you need a mix of top-notch content (see number 2) and SEO knowledge.

This review scored the top spot for its keyword.

This ranked list scores the top spot for its keyword.

What this means for you: No need to outsource additional expertise, I’ve got extensive SEO knowledge.

Ready to get your site on the first page of Google?