Make My Mashup: World War Z Meets The X-Men

When characters unite across rival franchises and studios, it can often cause the blood of fans to reach a steady simmer. I’m prepared to throw big handfuls of caution to the wind in proposing this mashup. I believe it will satiate audiences until they start screaming “Mashup! Mashup!” every time they see two things in the world that are completely unrelated.

The proposed mashup

World War X

What’s being mashed?

World War Z and X-Men

The story 

The whole planet is in turmoil. Due to a rapid increase in global warming, the effect of the rising temperature has triggered a previously-dormant component of a gene carried by all X-Men. Struggling to fight their natural instincts, the mutants begin to embrace the urge to chomp down on human flesh.

On the other side of the world, a ruggedly handsome UN worker (Brad Pitt) begins to follow the story as he fears for the good of mankind. He can’t allow anything to get in the way of the truth. Not even Burger King.

Burger King
One of many signs put up hastily by staff when they see Pitt entering the drive-thru.

Standout scene

Mystique and Wolverine capture a hoard of nubile Inland Revenue staff and lock them in a crate with brine to soften up their toughened skins. On the cusp of prising open their dinner, Brad Pitt lands a helicopter on the roof, busts down the door and starts screaming “What’s in the box!?”

Will there be a sequel?

It’s likely. The X-Men have got legions of mutants worldwide. As soon as they all get accustomed to dining on the human population, who bloody knows what will happen? X-Men Zombie Babies? Hey, it worked for The Muppets.

So there you have it. World War Z and X-Men could easily fit alongside each other for a future battle. Question is, who do I go to about the rights?

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