Weird Memorabilia: Spiderman’s Knob

Film fans are a demographic who’ll easily go without sufficient sustenance to acquire the latest Anchor Bay re-release or a ceiling tile from the Sulaco. It’s safe to say that we’ll deny ourselves life’s essentials (shampoo, sausages, etc.) to acquire a piece of celluloid history. This goes farther than the usual purchasing of a must-have Blu-ray. Some of us will part with the kind of cash that could get our dental problems sorted once and for all. Today, a look at a spot of Spiderman memorabilia.

spiderman weird memorabiliaWhat’s in the bag?

A doorknob from the 2002 Spiderman film.

How much did it sell for?

Between $100 and $200.

Woah, why so much?

No idea on this one, really. Your guess is as good as mine.

How could this item be used in everyday life?

If installed properly it could serve as an excuse for not letting people in, i.e. “You can’t come in! Spiderman once touched that knob! It’s priceless!”

Where will it likely end up?

In a box in the back bedroom with those boxes of your old school coursework.

This item was sold on iCollector.
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