Freelance Writer


I’ve written creatively since the age of 9, and I now write as a freelance film and TV journalist.

Over the last three years I have contributed articles, press releases and blog posts to Games Radar, Total Film, The GOAT Series, Mental Floss, We Got This Covered, Derby QUAD, Whatculture, Northwest Film Forum and Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council.

My borderline obsession with cinema spilled into A Level and undergraduate study, both funded by video store and multiplex jobs. During this time I also worked on several film sets in my hometown for Momoyama Productions, and spent a year cataloguing a 16mm film vault at Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum.

Outside of the cinematic realm I’ve played music professionally in bands across the U.K. including Imogen, Scribble, Joy Surrender, earthtone9 and Slaves To Gravity; I’ve traveled across Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada, and spent over ten years working in libraries.

I have a 1st Class B.A. in Film & TV Studies and Creative Writing from the University of Derby, and an M.A. with Distinction in Library and Information Science from Loughborough University.



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