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5 Heartbreaking Moments In Movies That Make Me Bawl

Proclaiming to have THE definitive list of the saddest films and the most tear-inducing moments within them is trickier than attempting to get toothpaste back into the tube. Some lists I agree with, some have me utterly baffled. An attempt to evoke the same emotional response in every human being via cinema is a task that’s inevitably, quite difficult.

My choices here are no exception. Things that make me blub like a lottery winner, might not make you blub. Regardless, here are five heartbreaking moments in movies I adore that get me every time. They resonate. They strike my tear ducts with the wrath of an angry god. They make me bawl, causing my fellow filmwatchers to regard me with a judgey side-eye.

Beware: if you’ve not seen the films listed, there may be spoilers!

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After The Internship: Which Brands Should Have Their Own Film?

This week sees the release of The Internship, a film berated by many for its unabashed Google product placement. I liked it. It prompted me to get home and Google Google. Will this mark the arrival of a whole new slew of films based around familiar brands? Probably not. But just in case, here are a few suggestions I think would be smashing.

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Why We Need More Films Like Black Rock

I know what you’re thinking; oh no, here’s another of Gem’s lists. Well, I would say sorry but to be honest putting numbers in front of sentences is the closest thing in my day I get to basic arithmetic. And even then I’m surprised when they end up in the correct order.

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Get Your Diary Out! 45 Upcoming Films On At The Cinema

We’re midway through 2013 which means that every weekend on the imminent cinematic calendar is full of blockbusters, sequels, superheroes and big budget comic book prequels. Let’s all get on our knees and pray to J.R. Hartley, because the second half promises to be equally as hyperbolic as the first half.

Before you settle in to enjoy this beast of a list, I suggest sticking the kettle on, making a brew and blocking out a half hour from your daily cat meme schedule. Failing that, hit “bookmark!” and return at a more suitable time.

Hold onto your butts, folks. Here’s my rundown of 45 upcoming films on at the cinema for the next six months. In this year commonly known as the year 2013.

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World War Z And The Trick Of The Bite: 8 Films You Didn’t Realise Featured Zombies

This week sees the release of zombie behemoth, World War Z. Undead fan favourites such as Zombie Flesh Eaters and Dawn Of The Dead  insinuate from their titles and their artwork that an impending bout of necrotic zombie tomfoolery is imminent. What most cinema goers fail to realise is that Hollywood is continuing to force the undead upon us without us realising it.

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10 Best Overheard Fan Reactions To Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel has finally arrived in cinemas. The red-pantied crusader who’s had more faces than Joan Rivers is back! Understandably, the internet is ablaze with everyone and their mother, their mother’s tennis partner and their mother’s tennis partner’s husband throwing in their two cents about ole Supes.

To get a bit of variety into the debate, here are a few of my favourite reactions overheard while I blatantly eavesdropped outside a cinema toilet:

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12 Funniest Film Characters On Twitter You Should Follow

There’s nary a corner of human existence untouched by Twitter. Every second there’s a Tweet bleating out across the web from any number of parody accounts, masterminded by comedy geniuses who shield their true identities (think of them as Batmen of the internet.) Film actors, directors, production assistants, tea ladies, they’re all tackling the 140 character challenge. A craze which has swept across Twitter like the plague amidst a flood of rats is that of parody accounts; created by people under the guise of others. Here are my top 12 picks of the funniest film characters on Twitter.

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