12 Funniest Film Characters On Twitter You Should Follow

There’s nary a corner of human existence untouched by Twitter. Every second there’s a Tweet bleating out across the web from any number of parody accounts, masterminded by comedy geniuses who shield their true identities (think of them as Batmen of the internet.) Film actors, directors, production assistants, tea ladies, they’re all tackling the 140 character challenge. A craze which has swept across Twitter like the plague amidst a flood of rats is that of parody accounts; created by people under the guise of others. Here are my top 12 picks of the funniest film characters on Twitter.

1. Ray Arnold

Samuel L. Jackson’s chain-smokin’, Nedry-dissin’ chief engineer from Jurassic Park has been resurrected. According to his account, he never died at all. And he’s a smidgen annoyed about it.


2. Drunk Hulk

We’ve all imagined getting absolutely blotto with Tony Stark; the wise-crackin’ good time guy known as Iron Man. The thought of getting hammered with the green giant is one which, in my mind, wreaks images of someone’s barbecue being smashed through a patio door.


 3. Depressed Darth

Darth Vader strikes fear into the heart of us all, what with his plans to turn everyone to the dark side. Bit of a mood dampener, that. However, it seems even Vades gets grumpy and miserly every now and again.


 4. The Batman

Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego has a lot on his plate. Saving Gotham, wooing delectable women, gargling rocks to keep his voice gravelly….yet it seems he still finds time to pop out to his local multiplex to pass critique on the latest flicks.


5. HAL9000

The artificial intelligence from 2001: A Space Odyssey was bound to hop aboard Twitter. With his unrivalled way of responding to simple human demands in the creepiest way possible, he’s now unleashing his mean streak via his Tweets.


6. Willy Wonka

Mr. Wonka’s razor-sharp retorts whipped out for youngsters hopeful for a piece of his empire have taken a modern angle. Prepare to be belittled for your social networking habits.

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