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25 best 90s movies
Best new TV shows you won’t want to miss
25 best animated movies that aren’t just for kids
25 best superhero movies
25 best Christmas movies
25 greatest movies that never made it to the big screen
25 greatest movie villains of all time
25 best movie drinking games to PLAY RESPONSIBLY
25 best romantic comedies that won’t make you throw up
25 best action movies
25 best gay movies of all time
The best comedies of all time
The 25 best horror movies based on true stories
25 best TV shows on Amazon Prime
25 best movies on Amazon Prime
25 best 3-D movies with hidden depths
25 best gangster movies to make you question your morals
25 best teen movies to make you feel old in the best possible way
25 best fantasy movies for when life gets too much
25 best war movies
30 best thrillers
17 ’90s cult horror movies that need remakes
The complete guide to the Alien xenomorphs
50 greatest kung fu movies of all time
Every Marvel end credits scene and what they mean
The Game of Thrones merchandise you need in your life
Independence Day Resurgence – full cast guide
15 times The Walking Dead proved humans are more dangerous than zombies
The 10 best Batman v Superman LEGO sets
The 25 best action movies on Netflix
20 greatest superhero movie fights
X-Men: Apocalypse – full cast guide
Batman v Superman – full cast guide
25 best comedies on Netflix
Every comic book movie coming your way soon
Spoilers not included: Batman v Superman could learn from 10 Cloverfield Lane
30 best superhero movies
25 best Oscar-winning movies
20 comic book TV shows headed your way
30 best TV shows on Amazon Prime
Why I believe Glenn has to die (for real) on The Walking Dead
20 best documentaries on Netflix
30 best movies on Amazon Prime
25 best horror movies on Netflix
25 bizarre Netflix descriptions to live by
25 best shows on Netflix
25 scariest ’90s horror movies
25 greatest Quentin Tarantino movie moments
30 most anticipated movies of 2016
25 best Christmas TV episodes
25 greatest Star Wars parodies
25 best Christmas horror movies
25 best Star Wars references in other movies
10 best Star Wars LEGO sets
15 best Frankenstein movies
10 best Star Wars board games
10 amazing fan-made The Force Awakens trailers
25 best Thanksgiving TV episodes
25 most kick-ass TV heroines
20 cringeworthy Peep Show moments
30 best music movies
20 coolest movie spies, moles and secret agents
10 maddest Walking Dead theories
30 greatest trivia facts about the Alien series
30 best zombie movies of all time
Top 50 TV detectives of all time
25 best tearjerkers
Top 40 crime movies
12 memorable movie twins
10 best TV crossover episodes
50 greatest X-Men movie moments
20 greatest TV-to-movie adaptations
10 coolest movie franchise crossovers
25 greatest movies never made
12 superhero movies not based on comic books
7 things we learned about Star Wars from Comic-Con 2015
10 Spider-Man stories for the reboot
Ranking the Scream movie deaths
The 30 best prison movies
50 kick-ass movie heroines
15 underrated sci-fi sequels
13 best city destruction scenes in movies
20 best Cannes movies ever
25 original casting choices that would have totally changed movies
Every Palm Dog winner ever at the Cannes Film Festival
10 most glamorous red carpet moments in Cannes history
16 movies that make technology terrifying
12 actors you forgot were in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
X-Men: Apocalypse – Everything you need to know
40 greatest Marvel movie one-liners
Everything you need to know about Orphan Black so far
20 most gruesome Game Of Thrones deaths
Everything you need to know about Terminator: Genisys
15 movie stunts achieved without CGI
20 alternate movie endings better than the original
The Complete Guide To Jurassic World
The Complete Guide To Terminator: Genisys
15 Greatest Movies Set At New Year’s Eve
15 Dumbest Movie Characters
The Best Movies To Buy For Christmas 2014
The Complete Guide To The Terminator Robots
30 Movies Currently Being Adapted For TV
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Greatest Movie Trilogy Of All Time
Greatest Unsolved Movie Mystery Of All Time
Greatest Film Location Of All Time
Greatest Car Chase Scene of All Time
Greatest Date Movie of All Time
Greatest Movie Dinner Scene of All Time
Greatest Film Remake Of All Time
Greatest Film Fan Theory Of All Time
Greatest Film Plot Twist Of All Time
Greatest Television Credits Sequence Of All Time
Greatest Film Credits Sequence Of All Time
Greatest Monster Movie of All Time
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Daily News Posts


Looking Season Premiere Review: “Looking For The Promised Land” (Season 2, Episode 1)
Girls Season Premiere Review: “Iowa” (Season 4, Episode 1)
Sons Of Anarchy Series Finale Review: “Papa’s Goods” (Season 7, Episode 13)
Red Knot Review
Intruders Episode 3
Intruders Episode 2
Intruders Series Premiere
And So It Goes Review
Tammy Review
The World’s End Review


8 Key Take-Aways From The Terminator: Genisys Trailer
In The Family: 8 Actors You Didn’t Know Had Kids In The ‘Biz
12 Actors Who Ditched Their Real Names
Repeat Business: 30 Horror Film Franchises Getting A Restart
After Cloud Atlas: Five Upcoming Sci-Fi Adaptations To Look Forward To 

Collaborative Features

WGTC Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Entries for 12. Aliens and 5. Terminator 2
Answers To The 10 Most Pressing X-Men: Days Of Future Past Questions: Entries for How Is Xavier Not Dead…, Wasn’t Rogue Going To Have A Bigger Part In The Movie?, Isn’t Quicksilver in Avengers: Age Of Ultron Too? and What Does The Return Of Jean and Cyclops Mean?
8 Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Talking About X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Entry #1
WGTC Top 100 Horror Movies: Entries for They LiveHigh Tension (Switchblade Romance)ScreamCarrieThe Blair Witch ProjectThe Shining

We Got Netflix Covered: Weekly Column – Comedy Entries

The Cosmos, A Prince, And An Aged Jackass…
The Coens, Hiroshima, And Chatroulette…
Cockneys Fighting Zombies, Pizza Loving Turtles, And Everyone Gets Covered In Slime…
Pirates, Banshees, And John Hughes At His Best…
High Anxiety, Clueless Teens And The Power Of The Schwartz…
Naughty Secretaries, Ghost Protocols And A Cabin In The Woods…
Deadly Baseball Games, Idris Elba And Cheerleaders…
Vampire Strippers, Adventuring Brothers, And An Alternative To Captain Phillips…
Swingers, Dream Homes And Liam Neeson Fighting Wolves…
Time Travel, Killer Fried Chicken, And A Brother From Another Planet…
Trekkies, Unconventional Superheroes And A Romantic Zombie Film That’s Not Warm Bodies?

WGTC Weekly Throwdowns

Which Celebrity’s House Would Make The Best Apocalyptic Hideout?
Most Violent Spree In Film
What Other Literary Characters Would We Love To See Leonardo DiCaprio Play?
Which Is The Most Memorable Phone Call In Film?
Which Cinematic Witch Casts The Most Enchanting Spell?
The Most Undeserving Best Picture Winners
Movie Sidekicks With The Most Negative Influence
Unsexiest Scenes Of Love-Making
Saddest Cinematic Deaths
What Is The Most Messed Up Relationship On Film?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs. Mark Wahlberg
Not So Classic Fairy Tale Adaptations
Mightiest Movie Santas
Lord Of The Rings Battle! Who Is The Fiercest Fighter In All Of Middle Earth?
Battle Batman! Joker Vs. Bane
Battle Brad Pitt! Aniston Vs. Jolie
Twilight Battle! Team Edward Versus Team Jacob


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30 Movie Flops That Became Cult Classics
23 Best Games In Movies
23 Stephen King Projects In Development
30 Greatest Sons Of Anarchy Moments
25 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters
30 Most Dangerous Movie Cities
30 Most Underrated 90s Movies
20 Greatest Pulp Fiction Trivia Facts
30 Greatest Theme Park Movie Rides
30 Greatest Terminator Moments
25 Most Enjoyably Batsh*t Nic Cage Moments
25 Most Bad-Ass Movie Gods
25 Obscure Musician Movie Cameos
25 Coolest Movie Musicians
25 Greatest Movie Robot Battles
25 Craziest Movie Road Trip Moments
25 Funniest Female Characters
25 Blockbuster Directors Who Went Back To Small Movies
25 Terrifying Movie Hooligans
25 Funniest Buddy Cop Movies
50 Best Romantic Comedies
50 Worst Movie Neighbours
50 Greatest HBO Characters
50 Greatest Jennifer Lawrence Moments
50 Best Homer Simpson Quotes Of All Time
50 Fascinating Real-Life Movie Court Cases
50 Greatest Films That Pass The Bechdel Test
50 Revealing Movie Star Apologies
50 Greatest Book Movie Adaptations
50 Coolest Movie Lego Sets
50 Most Dramatic Movie Weight Changes
50 Funniest Movie Mash-Ups
Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Complete Guide
50 Most Insane Movie Party Moments
Worst To Best: Movie Board Games
40 Funniest 2013 Movie Scenes
50 Unrealistic Movie Life Lessons
50 Movie Friends Who Need To Date
30 Bizarre Alternate Movie Realities
30 Greatest Signature Weapons
30 Horror Films That Need Sequels
30 Films Where Everyone Dies At The End
30 Most Righteous Movie Breakouts
30 Characters Back From The Dead To Do Good
30 Movie Characters Who Need To Time Travel
50 Bad Girls Gone Good

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12 Actors Who Were Completely Cut From Movies

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20 Horribly Misleading Movie Titles
12 Stupidest Decisions Made By Characters In X-Men Movies
15 Things That Almost Ruined The Terminator Franchise
25 Greatest Easter Eggs From The Last Twenty Years Of Horror
15 Greatest TV Villains Of 2014 So Far
12 Film Posters That Totally Spoiled The Movie
X-Men: Apocalypse – 12 Big Questions That Still Need Answering
17 Movie Villains Who Completely Ruined Your Childhood
10 Superheroes You Didn’t Know Had Shameful Origins
Orange Is The New Black Season 2: 12 Things That Should Happen [/su_tab]

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The Hidden Connections In Stephen King’s Universe

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Our Favorite Whistleblower Films