Black Rock

black rock lake bell kate bosworth katie aselton

Why We Need More Films Like Black Rock

I know what you’re thinking; oh no, here’s another of Gem’s lists. Well, I would say sorry but to be honest putting numbers in front of sentences is the closest thing in my day I get to basic arithmetic. And even then I’m surprised when they end up in the correct order.

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black rock lake bell kate bosworth

Black Rock Review

Director: Katie Aselton
Writer: Mark Duplass
Starring: Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, Katie Aselton
Running Time: 83 minutes
Year: 2012

Director Katie Aselton has conjured up a masterful stalk n’ shoot thriller, slamming through the expected turns before sliding into an assault of unusual twists with a fresh eye. Dreaming up the idea herself before handing over scripting duties to her partner, Mark Duplass, Aselton has created a winner in Black Rock.

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