Freelance alternative health and wellness copywriter

Hi, I’m Gem.

I help alternative health and wellness businesses grow their online presence through original content which generates more sales.

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I’m the alternative health and wellness copywriter for you.

Here’s how I create original, compelling content for your business that generates leads.

Excellent writing skills

You need a copywriter who knows how to make complex health and medical topics easy to digest, allowing your audience to take action.

I’ve written millions of words of copy over the last decade, bridging the gap between content and consumer.

Nerd-fuelled research

You need a copywriter with the skill to evaluate information so you’re not left with the additional task of fact-checking.

I’ve worked for numerous alternative wellness clinics where my information science background enabled me to locate reliable sources.

Passionate about wellness

You need a copywriter who can persuade your clients by making them feel empowered to change their lives through optimal wellbeing.

I’ve written countless blog posts to help alternative health and wellness businesses reach their target audiences.

Here’s what I can write for you:

Blog posts

You need a healthy blog presence with regular updates, bespoke content tailored to YOUR ideal clients.

I can create blogs, source images, and upload for you.


Mailing lists are a direct way to reach your clients and customers.

I can create newsletters, appealing directly to your subscribers all about your latest offers and services.

Video scripts

Video is HUGE. There’s a reason it’s everywhere.

I write scripts to accompany your written content, and unique scripts for individual videos.


Where you need to make the biggest impact.

I can create descriptions of physical and digital products and services.

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