Rhyming Reviews: Monsters University

It’s a trifle unfair of me to hog all the limelight with my bibble all the time, so I thought I’d introduce you to the wonderful lyrical skills of my buddy, Rob Simpson. A published children’s poet, this guy can spin a limerick out of a couple of boring nouns and a very questionable adjective. He’s onboard the site now to offer a different kind of review. Without further ado about much, here’s Rob’s rhyming review for Monsters University.

If you’re wondering if a kid’s film is good, there’s one failsafe way to know

Take some of the little buggers with you when you head off to the show

This week I had the “pleasure” of just this type of company

When I took EIGHTY little cherubs to watch Monsters University

It’s a return to the screen for Sully and Mike in their pubescent years

To discover what made them such firm friends and embark on a shared career

There’s a plethora of new monster faces (The Disney merchandises dream!)

My favourite was the embarrassing Mum, who stole a few laugh out loud scenes

It retains all the heart of the first film and achieves that most tricky of feats

A sequel easily as good as the original, gentle, funny and sweet

And as for the kids I escorted? They raved about it all the way home

They laughed all the time and I had to confess, it was more fun than viewing alone!


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