Intro To Film Blogging

Get in line.

Yeah, right, like that’ll pay your bills.

Oh really? I do that for free at the weekends. 

If you’ve ever expressed interest to your nearest and dearest, or even to total strangers in bars whom you feel a sudden carnal kinship brought on by well whisky, about your flaming desire to start film blogging or become a freelance film critic it’s likely you’ve been met by the above sort of responses. See them up there? Those short, stubby snarks of negativity? Well, not the last one, that comeback has a special place reserved for it in hell alongside Hitler’s cum socks.

Let me put it this way, in a tone that perhaps someone who knows you might.

Forget those voices.

But why should you listen to me? See, I could namedrop the places I write for, but that’s expected – and I’ll be buggered if you don’t learn from this alleged column to not do what’s expected. See? A sweet tip of advice, and there’s no little Paypal logo popping up asking you to contribute to the site (I really should get that fixed.) If you wish to see some of my credentials, scope out my published work. I’m by no means the most prolific of entertainment bloggers but as my Mama says: it’s good to share shit.

Being a creative person, and a writer to boot, means your path to dream achieving is about 67% harder than everyone else’s. There’s no one set of instructions to follow that’ll immediately land you a ton of well-paying gigs for life. Nothing’s set in stone, there’s no rule book. Well, why am I reading this column, I don’t hear you ask, but assume you’re thinking. To impart the modicum of knowledge I’ve learned over the last two years. It’s probable that my rants will venture into advice on general freelance writing and even working from home – feel free to steer me back in the right direction.

If you’re desperate to bring in either extra cash to supplement your full-time income, or to make a go at writing for a living, then you’ve got to shut out those people (including yourself) who persist in telling you that it’s impossible. It’s simply not true. That kind of defeatist flimflam reminds me of the numerous times I’ve tried to give up one of my many amazing vices. While a lot of folks are encouraging, others don’t want you to succeed. Why? Because they failed and misery loves company (and tacos, fags and coffee).

If you believe that you’re a good, solid writer who’s capable of producing pieces that cinephiles will want to read – then you’re halfway there. Tell those voices to shove it.

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Of course you do! Hence this series of posts based on my years of veritable experience in paid freelance film journalism. You can learn from my mistakes and then steal all future jobs out from under me. Thanks for that.


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