Rhyming Reviews: Despicable Me 2

It’s a trifle unfair of me to hog all the limelight with my bibble all the time, so I thought I’d introduce you to the wonderful lyrical skills of my buddy, Rob Simpson. A published children’s poet, this guy can spin a limerick out of a couple of boring nouns and a very questionable adjective. He’s onboard the site now to offer a different kind of review. Without further ado about much, here’s Rob’s rhyming review for Despicable Me 2.

Back for his second outing is the Super Villain Gru

Who’s seen the error of his ways since the first movie was through

Since adopting three cute little sprogs his heart’s melted like hot butter

He no longer wants to rule the world (Though he’s clearly still a nutter!)

These days his plots are more mundane, he’s begun producing jam

It’s his first attempt at going straight and being a better man

His life’s soon dragged back to the fast lane when he’s asked to SOLVE a crime

And catch the latest super crook who’s dared to cross the line

With the help of his lovable minion hordes Gru tries to save the day

Whilst the day to day problems of fatherhood continue to get in the way

Compared to its great predecessor, number 2’s perhaps not quite as sharp

But it’s packed full of laughs, is incredibly daft, and the story is jammed full of heart

But the films stroke of genius and main selling point is clearly (in no small part)

Those lovable creatures the minions, who steal the show right from the start

They provide the biggest laughs and always seem to steal the scene

They may look like yellow tic-tacs but they’re a merchandisers dream

But how can I be sure that this movie works? Well the proof is in the pud

My three year old daughter laughed all the way through and said it was “really good!”


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