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Gem’s Netflix Picks For Halloween: 12 Movies Guaranteed to Milm Your Keks

Let’s face it, if you’re a film fan every year you cry “Let’s have a horror movie marathon on Halloween!” with the best of intentions. And then it never happens, because better things come your way. Such as an invite to a fancy dress party wherein everyone else has somehow managed to look effortlessly cool AND scary, while you just look like a lonely, used tampon in an outfit you thought would definitely land you a snog.

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Weird Memorabilia: $13,000 VHS Copy Of Halloween

Film fans are a demographic who’ll easily go without sufficient sustenance to acquire the latest Anchor Bay re-release or a ceiling tile from the Sulaco. It’s safe to say that we’ll deny ourselves life’s essentials (shampoo, sausages, etc.) to acquire a piece of celluloid history. This goes farther than the usual purchasing of a must-have Blu-ray. Some of us will part with the kind of cash that could get our dental problems sorted once and for all.

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