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The Lone Ranger Review

Director: Gore Verbinski
Writer: Justin Haythe, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
Starring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkinson
Running Time: 149 Minutes
Year: 2013

Gore Verbinski’s passion for Westerns is no secret. Following on from his animated kids flick with a heart, Rango, The Lone Ranger prowls deeper into the myths and legends of its titular character. It sets its sights on bringing the sheer awe of the plains and mountains of Texas into the fore as much as any of its leading characters. This first and foremost sets the tone and hints at a style previously witnessed in Pirates Of The Caribbean. This isn’t a small time flick about an outlaw. It’s a grandiose beast held together by a minimum of at least half a dozen exciting action sequences.

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