12 Funniest Film Characters On Twitter You Should Follow

7. Star Trek And The City

Taking the best of Carrie Bradshaw’s pensive voiceovers and blending them with the genre setting of Star Trek, prepare to be dazzled by the innuendo (it’s all about shagging.)


 8. The Dark Lord

Harry Potter’s Voldemort has a huge Twitter following, despite trying to take down the bespectacled boy eunuch. In fact, in might be because of that.


9. Ted

Killing time presumably before his next big screen outing, Ted offers up helpful dating advice, kind insight and thoughtful approaches to current affairs.


10. Angry Pat Bateman

American Psycho‘s charming antihero, Patrick Bateman, can be found getting rather “real” via his Tweets. When he’s not bashing minorities he’s offering a candid look into the day-to-day activities of a total psychopath.


11. Stewie Griffin

Family Guy‘s baby with the masterplan, Stewie, dishes out scathing insults which you can later re-use at dinner parties, bus stops, family gatherings, etc.


12. Jacob Black

This final item is here purely for its unintentional humour. Turns out there’s an entire brood of pseudo-Twilight characters…..who all pretend to genuinely interact with each other. Whoever commandeers this account should be given points for injecting *action* into every Tweet.

Have you found any film characters on Twitter that are worth following? Let me know!

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