Films On At The Cinema

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Get Your Diary Out! 45 Upcoming Films On At The Cinema

We’re midway through 2013 which means that every weekend on the imminent cinematic calendar is full of blockbusters, sequels, superheroes and big budget comic book prequels. Let’s all get on our knees and pray to J.R. Hartley, because the second half promises to be equally as hyperbolic as the first half.

Before you settle in to enjoy this beast of a list, I suggest sticking the kettle on, making a brew and blocking out a half hour from your daily cat meme schedule. Failing that, hit “bookmark!” and return at a more suitable time.

Hold onto your butts, folks. Here’s my rundown of 45 upcoming films on at the cinema for the next six months. In this year commonly known as the year 2013.

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